Foodborne Diseases,
Edition 3
Edited by Christine ER Dodd, Tim Grant Aldsworth and Richard A Stein

Publication Date: 06 Feb 2017

Foodborne Diseases, Third Edition, covers the ever-changing complex issues that have emerged in the food industry over the past decade. This exceptional volume continues to offer broad coverage that provides a foundation for a practical understanding of diseases and to help researchers and scientists manage foodborne illnesses and prevent and control outbreaks. It explains recent scientific and industry developments to improve awareness, education, and communication surrounding foodborne disease and food safety.

Foodborne Diseases, Third Edition, is a comprehensive update with strong new topics of concern from the past decade. Topics include bacterial, fungal, parasitic, and viral foodborne diseases (including disease mechanism and genetics where appropriate), chemical toxicants (including natural intoxicants and bio-toxins), risk-based control measures, and virulence factors of microbial pathogens that cause disease, as well as epigenetics and foodborne pathogens. Other new topics include nanotechnology, bioterrorism and the use of foodborne pathogens, antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic resistance, and more.

Key Features

  • Presents principles in disease processes in foodborne illness
  • Includes hot-topic discussions such as the impact of nanotechnology on food safety
  • Provides in-depth description of our current understanding of the infectious and toxic pathogens associated with food
  • Presents cutting-edge research on epigenetics, antimicrobial resistance, and intervention technologies
About the author
Edited by Christine ER Dodd, Department Chair of Food Science, School of Biosciences, University of Nottingham, UK; Tim Grant Aldsworth, Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology, Department of Applied Sciences and Health, Coventry University, Priory, Coventry, UK and Richard A Stein
Table of Contents

Part 1. Principles

Chapter 1. Disease Processes in Foodborne Illness

Chapter 2. Epidemiology, Cost, and Risk Analysis of Foodborne Disease

Chapter 3. Routes of Transmission in the Food Chain

Chapter 4. Spread of Antibiotic Resistance in Food Animal Production Systems

Part 2. Pathogens Responsible For Infectious Disease

Chapter 5. Salmonella

Chapter 6. Shigella

Chapter 7. Escherichia coli as a Pathogen

Chapter 8. Campylobacter Foodborne Disease

Chapter 9. Yersinia enterocolitica

Chapter 10. Clostridium perfringens

Chapter 11. Vibrio

Chapter 12. Listeria monocytogenes

Chapter 13. Infrequent Microbial Infections

Chapter 14. Viruses

Chapter 15. Parasites

Part 3. Intoxications

Chapter 16. Naturally Occurring Toxicants in Foods

Chapter 17. Seafood Toxins

Chapter 18. Staphylococcal Food Poisoning

Chapter 19. Botulism

Chapter 20. Bacillus cereus Food Poisoning

Chapter 21. Mycotoxins

Chapter 22. Chemical Intoxications

Chapter 23. Diet and Cancer

Part 4. Food Sensitivities/Intolerances

Chapter 24. Celiac Disease

Chapter 25. Fish: Escolar and Oilfish

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Page Count: 576
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