Computer Networks ISE,
Edition 5 A Systems Approach
By Larry L. Peterson and Bruce S. Davie

Publication Date: 11 Mar 2011

Computer Networks ISE, Fifth Edition, is the sole introductory networking book written by authors with first-hand experience with several of the protocols covered in the book who have actually designed some of them as well and who are still actively designing the computer networks today.

The newly revised edition continues to offer an enduring, practical understanding of networks and their building blocks through rich, example-based instruction. The focus is not just on the specifications comprising today’s systems but how key technologies and protocols actually work in real-world setting to solve specific problems.

The new edition features increased accessibility by clearly separating the advanced material from more fundamental via special headings and boxed features, a structure that makes it easier to teach top-down, less dependence on code to explain protocols, vastly improved ancillary package to include robust lecture slide package, and shift to higher levels in the protocol stock where the real innovation is happening currently.

the book is targeted at networking professionals and upper level undergraduate and graduate students in CS, EE, and CSE programs.

Key Features

  • Completely updated with NEW sidebars discussing successes/failures of previously deployed networks
  • Thorough companion website with downloadable OpNet network simulation software and lab experiments manual
  • Expanded coverage of topics of utmost importance to today's networking professionals, e.g., security, wireless, multimedia applications
About the author
By Larry L. Peterson, Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University Vice President and Chief Scientist, Verivue, Inc and Bruce S. Davie, Cisco Systems, Boxborough, MA, USA
Book details
ISBN: 9780123851383
Page Count: 920
Retail Price : £54.99
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Networking professionals and upper level undergraduate and graduate students in CS, EE, and CSE programs. Sales from each of these market segments is approximately equal