Contemporary Financial Intermediation,
Edition 4
By Stuart I. Greenbaum, Anjan V. Thakor and Arnoud W. A. Boot

Publication Date: 17 Apr 2019

Contemporary Financial Intermediation, 4th Edition by Greenbaum, Thakor, and Boot continues to offer a distinctive approach to the study of financial markets and institutions by presenting an integrated portrait that puts information and economic reasoning at the core. Instead of primarily naming and describing markets, regulations, and institutions as is common, Contemporary Financial Intermediation explores the subtlety, plasticity and fragility of financial institutions and credit markets. In this new edition every chapter has been updated and pedagogical supplements have been enhanced. For the financial sector, the best preprofessional training explains the reasons why markets, institutions, and regulators evolve they do, why we suffer recurring financial crises occur and how we typically react to them. Our textbook demands more in terms of quantitative skills and analysis, but its ability to teach about the forces shaping the financial world is unmatched.

Key Features

  • Updates and expands a legacy title in a valuable field
  • Holds a prominent position in a growing portfolio of finance textbooks
  • Teaches tactics on how to recognize and forecast fluctuations in financial markets
About the author
By Stuart I. Greenbaum, Bank of America Professor of Managerial Leadership and former Dean, John M. Olin School of Business, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA; Anjan V. Thakor, John E. Simon Professor of Finance and Director of the PhD Program, Olin School of Business, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, USA and Arnoud W. A. Boot, University of Amsterdam
Table of Contents

Part I. The Background Chapter 1. Basic Concepts

Part II. What is Financial Intermediation? Chapter 2. The Nature and Variety of Financial IntermediationChapter 3. The What, How, and Why of Financial Intermediaries

Part III. Identification and Management of Major Banking Risks Chapter 4. Bank RisksChapter 5. Interest Rate RiskChapter 6. Liquidity Risk

Part IV. “On Balance Sheet¿ Banking Activities Chapter 7. Spot Lending and Credit RiskChapter 8. Further Issues in Bank LendinChapter 9. Special Topics in Credit: Syndicated Loans, Loan Sales, and Project Finance

Part V. Off the Bank’s Balance Sheet Chapter 10. Off-Balance Sheet Banking and Contingent Claims ProductsChapter 11. Securitization

Part VI. The Funding of the Bank Chapter 12. The Deposit Contract, Deposit Insurance, and Shadow BankingChapter 13. Bank Capital Structure

Part VII. Financial Crises Chapter 14. The 2007–2009 Financial Crisis and Other Financial Crises

Part VIII. Bank Regulation Chapter 15. Objectives of Bank RegulationChapter 16. Milestones in Banking Legislation and Regulatory Reform

Part IX. Financial Innovation Chapter 17. The Evolution of Banks and Markets and the Role of Financial Innovation

Part X. The Future Chapter 18. The Future

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ISBN: 9780124052086
Page Count: 490
Retail Price : £102.00
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