Paleopathology of Children,
Edition 1 Identification of Pathological Conditions in the Human Skeletal Remains of Non-Adults
By Mary Lewis

Publication Date: 28 Jul 2017

Palaeopathology of Children: Identification of Pathological Conditions in the Human Skeletal Remains of Non-Adults provides archaeological examples of pathological child remains with varying degrees of disease manifestation, and where possible, presents illustrations of individually affected bones to help with identification. The structure and inclusion of photographs and summary diagnostic tables make this suitable for use as a textbook. Each chapter includes a table of international archaeological cases collated by the author from published and unpublished literature.

Child skeletal remains come in a variety of different sizes, with bones appearing and fusing at different times during growth. Identifying pathology in such unfamiliar bones can be a challenge, and we often rely on photographs of clinical radiographs or intact anatomical specimens to try and interpret the lesions we see in archaeological material. These are usually the most extreme examples of the disease, and do not account for the wide degree of variation we may see in skeletal remains.

Key Features

  • Provides a comprehensive review of the types of pathological conditions identified in non-adult skeletal remains
  • Contains chapters that tackle a particular disease classification
  • Features for each condition are described and illustrated to aid in the identification
About the author
By Mary Lewis, Archaeology Department, University of Reading, Reading, UK
Table of Contents

1. Biology and Significance of Child Skeletal Remains2. Congenital Conditions I: Anomalies3. Congenital Conditions Ii: Skeletal Dysplasia and Other Syndromes4. Dental Disease, Defects and Variation in Dental Morphology5. Trauma And Treatment6. Infectious Diseases I: Infections of Non-Specific Origin7. Infectious Diseases Ii: Infections of Specific Origin8. Hemopoietic and Metabolic Disorders9. Neoplastic Disease and Other Tumours10. Juvenile Arthropathies, Circulatory and Endocrine Diseases11. Miscellaneous Conditions

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Page Count: 300
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