Managing and Leading for Science Professionals,
Edition 1 (What I Wish I'd Known while Moving Up the Management Ladder)
By Bertrand C. Liang

Publication Date: 23 Oct 2013
Can technical paradigms help managers lead technical companies? In Managing and Leading for Science Professionals, Bertrand Liang explains that they can, as he explores real issues of importance for technical students and managers who want to move into leadership positions. A CEO with an MBA, Liang originally trained as a neurology and oncology clinician and later earned a PhD in molecular biology and genetics. In this book, he emphasizes what he wishes he had known as he advanced through the organization. His practitioner's point of view is perfectly suited to those who are moving, or want to move, from the technical side to the business side. Focusing on the experiences of scientists and engineers, he teaches ways to speak top management's language. His insights deliver essential knowledge, empowering technical staff to succeed using the skills they know best.

Key Features

  • Describes "what I wish I’d known" as a manager with a technical background
  • Focuses on using skills other than risk analysis to make decisions
  • Explores ways to lead and manage innovation, particularly in relation to executives' responsibilities, skills, and tolerance for risk
About the author
By Bertrand C. Liang, M.B.A., M.D., Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer, Pfenex, Inc., San Diego, CA., USA
Table of Contents
DedicationA Leadership PrayerEditorPrefaceForeword1. The Road to Success is the Road to FailureAbstractShouldn’t Success be Based on Creating Data?The Deception of PerceptionPerfect is the Enemy of Good EnoughBeing Complete Doesn’t Mean Being ComplicatedReferences2. Management & LeadershipAbstractBeing the BossLeadership is the Perspective; Management is the ToolReferences3. Career AnchorsAbstractTechnical/Functional CompetenceGeneral Managerial CompetenceAutonomy/IndependenceSecurity/StabilityEntrepreneurial/CreativitySense of ServicePure ChallengeLifestyleReferences4. DelegationAbstractDelegation: A DefinitionThe Delegation Work Out (Exercising Delegation)Why Delegate?Some Tenets on DelegationReferences5. Taking Interest: New SkillsAbstractDefining the Technical Executive RoleActive ListeningKnowing Enough Not to be DangerousReferences6. Risk = Management (as does Uncertainty)AbstractRisk and UncertaintyRisk, Uncertainty, and Decision MakingRisk, Uncertainty, and Disruptive InnovationRisk, Uncertainty, and Dominant DesignUsing Skunk Works to Mitigate Risk and UncertaintyA Final Word about Corporate Strategy, Risk, and UncertaintyReferences7. Decision Making is HardAbstractIdentification of a Problem Isn’t EnoughApproaches to Solution GenerationThinking about ThinkingDealing with the Inevitable: Conflict in Decision MakingReferences8. Moving Up the Ladder: Abandoning Your Peers?AbstractChanges in PerspectiveManaging What You (don’t) Say: Responsibility in CommunicationGripe Sessions and Gallows HumorManaging Discontent: Is It Me or Is It You?Communication and TrustMicromanagementReward SystemsManagement BehaviorOrganizational Issues and ApproachesA Final Word: Managing Your Former PeersReferences9. Relationships: More Than Just Your SpecialtyAbstractCollaborationLost in TranslationReaching OutOverlapping InterestsDealing with DistanceReferences10. Tactics: the 4 Ps, and Walk AroundsAbstractBeing Sensitive to the Individual Within a Broad FocusTactical Points: Individual MeetingsProjects/ProgramsPersonnelPersonalPersonal IIBeing VisibleReferences11. Leading and Managing Yourself: MentorsAbstractTraits of Good MentorsThe Need for Multiple MentorsFinding a MentorThe Importance of Mentoring OthersReferences12. Project PerspectivesAbstractIt’s a Business Project, Not Just a Research ProjectDevelopment of PipelineRelationshipsAbsorptive CapacityReferences13. Managing UpwardAbstractFirst, UnderstandInitiativeSimplifyDeliverChallenging Situations: The Bad BossReferences14. Being the CEO (or At Least Acting Like One)AbstractKnow ThyselfSetting Direction and Driving the BusCommunication…AgainEven More so, It’s About the PeopleDeep DivesTime is Not Your OwnThe BoardReferences15. A Final NoteAbstractManagementLeadershipEntrepreneurshipStrategyInnovationChange ManagementPodcasts (all available on iTunes)General WebsitesIndex
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ISBN: 9780124166868
Page Count: 192
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Professionals in technical industries, especially pharma and biomedical sciences, 1st year MBA students with technical backgrounds, and participants in executive MBA courses, especially those from technical industries