Introduction to Microcontrollers,
Edition 2 Architecture, Programming, and Interfacing for the Freescale 68HC12
By G. Jack Lipovski

Publication Date: 10 Sep 2004
Introduction to Microcontrollers is a comprehensive, introductory text/reference for electrical and computer engineers and students with little experience with a high-level programming language. It systematically teaches the programming of a microcontroller in assembly language, as well as C and C++. This books also covers the principles of good programming practice through top-down design and the use of data structures. It is suitable as an introductory text for a first course on microcomputers that demonstrates what a small computer can do.

Key Features

  • Shows how a computer executes instructions;
  • Shows how a high-level programming language converts to assembler language;
  • Shows how a microcontroller is interfaced to the outside world;
  • Hundreds of examples, experiments, "brain-teasers" and motivators;
  • More than 20 exercises at the end of each chapter
About the author
By G. Jack Lipovski, University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A.
Table of Contents
Basic Computer Structure and the 6812. The Instruction Set. Addressing Modes. Assembly Language Programming. Advanced Assemblers, Linkers, and Loaders. Assembly Language Subroutines. Arithmetic Operations. Programming in C and C++. Implementation of C Procedures. Elementary Data Structures. Input/Output. Other Microcontrollers.
Book details
ISBN: 9780124518384
Page Count: 488
Retail Price : £60.99
Valvano, Introduction to Embedded Microcomputer Systems: Motorola 6811/6812 Simulations (Brooks/Cole, 2002), 480pp., $92.95/£32.99, ISBN: 053439177X Ball, Embedded Microprocessor Systems, 3/e (Newnes/Elsevier, 2002), 362pp., $49.99/£35.00, ISBN: 0750675349
Textbook for sophmore/junior level (varies by curriculum) courses in microcontrollers/microprocessors such as: E319K Introduction to Microcontrollers at University of Texas; Self-study/reference for practicing engineers.