Experiments in Modern Physics,
Edition 2
By Adrian C. Melissinos and Jim Napolitano

Publication Date: 17 Mar 2003
A revision of the leading text on experimental physics. The feature of this book that has made it one of the most loved texts on the subject is that it goes far beyond a mere description of key experiments in physics. The author successfully provides the reader with an understanding and appreciation of the 'physics' behind the experiments. The second edition will be an extensive revision introducing many new devices, including the use of computers and software programs, that have come into use since the publication of the first edition. In addition the important areas of condensed matter physics and optical physics will be added, including two entirely new chapters on lasers and optics.

Key Features

  • Modern analysis and acquisition techniques
  • Integration with matlab for data analysis and display
  • New experiments include fundamentals of lasers
About the author
By Adrian C. Melissinos, University of Rochester and Jim Napolitano, Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute
Table of Contents
1. Experiments on Quantization
2. Electrons in Solids
3. Electronics and Data Acquisition
4. Lasers
5. Optics Experiments
6. High Resolution Spectroscopy
7. Magnetic Resonance Experiments
8. Particle Detectors and Radioactive Decay
9. Scattering and Coincidence Experiments
10. Elements from the Theory of Statistics
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Junior and senior level courses on experimental physics offered in almost all major departments. At the professional level it will be useful as a basic primer/reference