Forensic Toxicology,
Edition 1 Principles and Concepts
By Nicholas T. Lappas and Courtney M. Lappas

Publication Date: 15 Jan 2016
Forensic Toxicology: Principles and Concepts takes the reader back to the origins of forensic toxicology providing an overview of the largely unchanging principles of the discipline. The text focuses on the major tenets in forensic toxicology, including an introduction to the discipline, fundamentals of forensic toxicology analysis, types of interpretations based on analytical forensic toxicology results, and reporting from the laboratory to the courtroom. Forensic Toxicology also contains appendices covering the principles of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, immunology and immunological assays, toxicogenomics, and case studies.

Key Features

  • Significant emphasis on the fundamental principles and concepts of forensic toxicology
  • Provides students with an introduction to the core tenets of the discipline, focusing on the concepts, strategies, and methodologies utilized by professionals in the field
  • Coauthored by a forensic toxicologist with over 40 years of experience as a professor who has taught graduate courses in forensic and analytical toxicology and who has served as a consultant and expert witness in civil and criminal cases
  • The book's companion website, features exclusive web-based content
About the author
By Nicholas T. Lappas, The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA and Courtney M. Lappas, Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA, USA
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Development of Forensic Toxicology Chapter 2: The Duties and Responsibilities of Forensic Toxicologists Chapter 3: Forensic Toxicology ResourcesChapter 4: The Laboratory Chapter 5: Analytical Strategy Chapter 6: Sample Handling Chapter 7: Storage Stability of AnalytesChapter 8: Analytical SamplesChapter 9: Sample PreparationChapter 10: Methods of Detection, Identification and Quantitation Chapter 11: Quality Assurance and Quality ControlChapter 12: Types of Interpretations Chapter 13: Reports Chapter 14: Testifying

APPENDICESAppendix A: Principles of Pharmacokinetics Appendix B: Principles of PharmacodynamicsAppendix C: Immunoassays Appendix D: Toxicogenomics Appendix E: Famous Cases in Forensic Toxicology

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ISBN: 9780127999678
Page Count: 376
Retail Price : £73.99
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Upper level undergraduate and graduate students studying forensic toxicology and/or forensic chemistry, New scientists in forensic toxicology laboratories, including medical technologists and analytical chemists; reference material for practicing forensic toxicologists and expert witnesses called to testify
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