Cyber-Physical Attacks,
Edition 1 A Growing Invisible Threat
By George Loukas , PhD, Imperial College, UK; MEng, NTUA, Greece.

Publication Date: 04 Jun 2015

Cyber-Physical Attacks: A Growing Invisible Threat presents the growing list of harmful uses of computers and their ability to disable cameras, turn off a building’s lights, make a car veer off the road, or a drone land in enemy hands. In essence, it details the ways cyber-physical attacks are replacing physical attacks in crime, warfare, and terrorism.

The book explores how attacks using computers affect the physical world in ways that were previously only possible through physical means. Perpetrators can now cause damage without the same risk, and without the political, social, or moral outrage that would follow a more overt physical attack.

Readers will learn about all aspects of this brave new world of cyber-physical attacks, along with tactics on how to defend against them. The book provides an accessible introduction to the variety of cyber-physical attacks that have already been employed or are likely to be employed in the near future.

Key Features

  • Demonstrates how to identify and protect against cyber-physical threats
  • Written for undergraduate students and non-experts, especially physical security professionals without computer science background
  • Suitable for training police and security professionals
  • Provides a strong understanding of the different ways in which a cyber-attack can affect physical security in a broad range of sectors
  • Includes online resources for those teaching security management
About the author
By George Loukas , PhD, Imperial College, UK; MEng, NTUA, Greece. , Associate professor and senior lecturer of cyber-physical security at University of Greenwich, London
Table of Contents
  • Dedication
  • 1. A Cyber-Physical World
    • Chapter Summary
    • Basic Concepts and Definitions of a Cyber-Physical World
    • Defining Cyber-Physical Attacks
    • Who Should Read This Book
    • Outline
    • Summary
    • Follow-Up Questions and Exercises
  • 2. A History of Cyber-Physical Security Incidents
    • Chapter Summary
    • Reported Incidents by Sector Affected
    • A Discussion on the Cyber-Physical Security Incident Reports
    • Summary
    • Follow-Up Questions and Exercises
  • 3. Cyber-Physical Attacks on Implants and Vehicles
    • Chapter Summary
    • Implantable Medical Devices
    • Vehicles
    • Summary
    • Follow-Up Questions and Exercises
  • 4. Cyber-Physical Attacks on Industrial Control Systems
    • Chapter Summary
    • SCADA
    • Stuxnet: A Milestone in Industrial Control System Security
    • The Electric Grid
    • Summary
    • Follow-Up Questions and Exercises
  • 5. Cyber-Physical Attack Steps
    • Chapter Summary
    • Preliminary Research and Reconnaissance
    • Vulnerability Discovery
    • Intrusion
    • Attack Delivery
    • Antiforensics
    • Summary
    • Follow-Up Questions and Exercises
  • 6. Protection Mechanisms and Secure Design Principles
    • Chapter Summary
    • Protection Mechanisms
    • Secure Design Principles
    • Summary
    • Follow-Up Questions and Exercises
  • 7. Physical-Cyber Attacks
    • Chapter Summary
    • Breaching Availability through Damage in Physical Space
    • Breaching Integrity through Physical Manipulation of Sensor Input
    • Breaching Confidentiality through Emsec Attacks
    • Cyber-Physical-Cyber and Physical-Cyber-Physical Attacks
    • Summary
    • Follow-Up Questions and Exercises
  • Index
Book details
ISBN: 9780128012901
Page Count: 270
Retail Price : £36.99
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Physical Security managers and executives in both the public and private sectors; Information Security managers and executives in both the public and private sectors; Students taking courses in Computer Forensics, Computer Security, and Physical Security; and government officials, policy makers, think tanks and journalists in the security sector