Machine Component Analysis with MATLAB,
Edition 1
By Dan B. Marghitu and Mihai Dupac

Publication Date: 19 Feb 2019

Machine Design Analysis with MATLAB is a highly practical guide to the fundamental principles of machine design which covers the static and dynamic behavior of engineering structures and components. MATLAB has transformed the way calculations are made for engineering problems by computationally generating analytical calculations, as well as providing numerical calculations. Using step-by-step, real world example problems, this book demonstrates how you can use symbolic and numerical MATLAB as a tool to solve problems in machine design. This book provides a thorough, rigorous presentation of machine design, augmented with proven learning techniques which can be used by students and practicing engineers alike.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive coverage of the fundamental principles in machine design
  • Uses symbolical and numerical MATLAB calculations to enhance understanding and reinforce learning
  • Includes well-designed real-world problems and solutions
About the author
By Dan B. Marghitu, Auburn University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Alabama, USA and Mihai Dupac, School of Design, Engineering and Computing, Bournemouth University, UK
Table of Contents
1. Stress and Deflection2. Fatigue3. Shafts4. Fasteners5. Mechanical Springs6. Bearings7. Gears8. Belts, Ropes and Chains9. Mechanisms and Cams10. Material Consideration
Book details
ISBN: 9780128042298
Page Count: 232
Retail Price : £70.99
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Researchers; design engineers; mechanical engineers working in machine elements and machine design