Mechanical Behavior of Materials,
Edition 1 Deformation and Design
By Rajiv S. Mishra, Indrajit Charit, Ph.D. and Ravi Sankar Haridas, Ph.D.

Publication Date: 23 Dec 2024
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Mechanical Behavior of Materials: Deformation and Design is the first textbook to adopt a design-led approach to the teaching of mechanical behavior of materials in which the underlying fundamental science is presented in the context of design. This approach has been found to help motivate and engage students through real-life case studies and illustrative applications. In addition to the design-led approach, Mishra and Charit cover newer content not found in other textbooks, such as recent advances in microstructural characterization techniques and up-to-date presentation of fundamentals that link the microstructure of engineering materials with realistic mechanical response.

Key Features

  • Relates microstructural distribution in engineering materials to mechanical behavior and failure
  • Discusses the deviation of engineering microstructure from ideal microstructure
  • Contains examples of mechanical properties that are brought together under the basic microstructural framework
  • Provides aspects of design-led and systems approaches to materials that are integrated in one book
  • Includes an online solutions manual, image bank, and lecture slides for instructors
About the author
By Rajiv S. Mishra, Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Site Director, NSF IUCRC, University of North Texas, USA; Indrajit Charit, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Idaho. and Ravi Sankar Haridas, Ph.D., post-doctoral research associate in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of North Texas.
Table of Contents
1. Mechanical Response of Materials
2. Framework of Five Basic Design Approaches for Structural Components
3. Introduction to Systems Approach to Materials
4. A Brief Survey of Microstructural Elements in Engineering Structural Materials
5. Simple Mechanical Tests and Complexities
6. Elastic Response of Materials: Stiffness Limiting Design
7. Basic Dislocation Fundamentals for Plastic Deformation
8. Yielding and Work Hardening: Strength Limiting Design
9. Toughness of Materials: Toughness Limiting Design
10. Fatigue Behavior of Materials: Fatigue Limiting Design
11. High Temperature Deformation of Materials: Creep Limiting Design
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ISBN: 9780128045541
Page Count: 480
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Upper level undergraduate and graduate students taking a course in mechanical behavior of materials, engineers interested in connecting mechanical properties to design, and researchers interested in the role of microstructural distribution on mechanical properties