Urban Emergency Management,
Edition 1 Planning and Response for the 21st Century
By Thomas Henkey

Publication Date: 27 Sep 2017

Urban Emergency Management: Planning and Response for the 21st Century takes the concepts and practices of emergency management and places them in the context of the complex challenges faced by the contemporary city. Cities provide unique challenges to emergency managers. The concentrated population and often dense layering of infrastructure can be particularly susceptible to disasters—both natural and human-caused. The book provides guidance across all phases of emergency management, including prevention and all-hazards approaches.

Key Features

  • Presents an all-hazards and all-phases approach to emergency management, including natural hazards and human-caused disasters
  • Covers the human capital and political and leadership qualities needed by urban emergency managers
  • Targets the needs of emergency management in urban settings
About the author
By Thomas Henkey, Director of Emergency Management, Titan Security Group
Book details
ISBN: 9780128053072
Page Count: 260
Retail Price : £78.95
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Practitioners in urban emergency management; undergraduate and graduate students in emergency management programs, with a focus on urban practices