Introduction to Security,
Edition 10
By Robert Fischer, Ph.D., Edward Halibozek, MBA and David Walters

Publication Date: 19 Oct 2018
Introduction to Security, Tenth Edition, provides an overview of the security industry with an emphasis on the theories of security and loss prevention that have shaped the profession. Security is covered in totality, providing readers with a glimpse of the various and diverse components that make up the security function. This updated book is the latest edition in what has historically been the go-to textbook on the subject for more than 30 years.

While this fully updated edition continues to utilize the basic concepts that have made this text the premier primer in the security field, it also focuses heavily on current and future security issues.

Key Features

  • Uses a three-part structure (Introduction, Basics of Defense, and Specific Threat and Solutions) that allows for easy progression of learning
  • Covers the basics of security operations, as well as in-depth information on hot topics like transportation security, workplace violence, retail security, cybersecurity and piracy
  • Includes information on the latest applied security technologies
  • Thoroughly examines evolving trends, with a focus on the future of security
  • Includes recommendations for further reading and other security resources
  • Serves the needs of multiple audiences as both a textbook and professional desk reference
About the author
By Robert Fischer, Ph.D., Western Illinois University (retired); President, Assets Protection Associates, Inc., Macomb, IL, USA; Edward Halibozek, MBA, Part-time instructor, California State University, Fullerton, CA, USA and David Walters, Director of global security at a high-tech company based in San Jose, CA, USA
Table of Contents

Part 1. Introduction
1. Origins and Development of 21st Century Security
2. Defining Security's Role
3. Career Opportunities in Loss Prevention
4. Security Education, Training, Certification, and Regulation
5. Terrorism as a Threat to Business

Part 2. Basics of Defense
6. Security and the Law
7. Risk Analysis, Security Surveys and Insurance
8. Interior and Exterior Security Concerns
9. The Outer Defenses: Building and Perimeter Protection
10. The Inner Defenses: Intrusion and Access Control
11. Contingency Planning, Fire Protection, Emergency Response and Safety
12. Fire Prevention and Protection
13. Internal Theft Controls/Personnel Issues

Part 3. Specific Threats and Solutions
14. Violence and Drug Use in the Workplace
15. Retail Security
16. Terrorism: A Global Perspective
17. Holistic Security Through the Application of Integrated Technology
18. Transportation Security Issues and Regulation
19. Selected Security Threats of the 21st Century
20. Security: The Future

A. Security Journals, Magazines, and Newsletters
B. Worldwide Websites
C. Security Surveys

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ISBN: 9780128053102
Page Count: 586
Retail Price : £62.99
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Undergraduate students enrolled in security and criminal justice programs; security professionals; entry-level security professionals interested in learning more about the profession