Case Studies in Disaster Response,
Edition 1 Disaster and Emergency Management: Case Studies in Adaptation and Innovation series
Edited by Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, Steven J. Jensen and Jean Slick

Publication Date: 16 Feb 2024
Case Studies in Disaster Response, the latest release in the Disaster and Emergency Management: Case Studies in Adaptation and Innovation series, focuses on the key functions performed in the emergency response to a disaster, how these functions are coordinated, and typical challenges and issues that emerge. Cases address both hazard- and response-generated needs. Also explored are the needs generated by emergent threats (e.g., Ebola crisis), emergent technologies (e.g., social media), and emergent groups (e.g., social innovation teams) that set the stage for innovation and adaption.

Key Features

  • Presents in-depth cases studies in disaster response, one of the phases of disaster management
  • Unites practice and research from multiple disciplines to highlight the complexity of disasters preparedness, including environmental and earth sciences, engineering, public health, geography, sociology, and anthropology, humanitarian aid, emergent threats, disaster response and resilience
  • Examines policy and ethical dilemmas faced by decision-makers in disaster response situations
About the author
Edited by Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, Program Coordinator & Lecturer for the Emergency Services Administration Master of Science Program at California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA; Steven J. Jensen, Emergency Services Leadership and Globalized Disaster Risk Management Expert and Jean Slick, Associate Professor, Disaster and Emergency Management, Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada
Table of Contents
Series Editor Intro
Jean Slick and Jane A. Kushma
Volume Editor Intro
Shirley Feldmann-Jensen Steven Jensen, and Jean Slick

Changes to Response Systems
1. The Development of an All-Hazards Approach in Emergency Management Practice
Jude Colle
2. Development of an Ethics Code for Emergency Management
Sandy Maxwell Smith
3. Measuring Adaptation
Caroline Hackerott

Improvisation in Response Contexts
4. Business Continuity Innovation and Adaptation During Superstorm Sandy
Bernard Jones
5. Emergent Citizen Group Response to Hurricane Sandy
Terrence M. O'Sullivan and Robert Schwartz
6. The 1st Pandemic of the 21st Century: The 2009 use of PODs in Public Health Response
Shirley Feldmann-Jensen and Ann Kim
7. Tourism Response Focused towards Hotel Response: Wellington in Kaikoura EQ Event
Nancy Brown
8. The Organization of Response to Oil and Gas Spill Events in the United States: Learning from the Deep-Water Horizon Oil Spill
Robert L. Kestenbaum and Shirley Feldmann-Jensen
9. A Case of Flood Response in Sri Lanka: Surviving Floods Through Social Capital and Situational Leadership
Nadeera Ahangama and Raj Prasanna
10. Response to the 2017 Charlottesville Protest Events
Emily Pelliccia

Technology in Disaster Response
11. Beyond Social Media Push Strategies: Incorporating Citizen-Developed Social Media Pull Tactics to Supplement Disaster Communication and Response
Andrea P. Adams
12. Social Media Use by Multiple Stakeholders and Rightsholders During the Fort McMurray Wildfires
Sara Harrison, Marion Lara Tan, Raj Prasanna and Emma Hudson-Doyle
13. The Oldsmar Water Plant “Hack”: On the Growing Need for Routine Cybersecurity
Nicolas James LaLone

Volume Editor Conclusion
Shirley Feldmann-Jensen Steven Jensen, and Jean Slick
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Researchers and practitioners in disaster and emergency management, secondary audience as supplemental text in graduate courses in disaster and emergency management