Mobile Cloud Computing,
Edition 1 Foundations and Service Models
By Dijiang Huang and Huijun Wu

Publication Date: 12 Sep 2017

Mobile Cloud Computing: Foundations and Service Models combines cloud computing, mobile computing and wireless networking to bring new computational resources for mobile users, network operators and cloud computing providers.

The book provides the latest research and development insights on mobile cloud computing, beginning with an exploration of the foundations of cloud computing, existing cloud infrastructures classifications, virtualization techniques and service models.

It then examines the approaches to building cloud services using a bottom-up approach, describing data center design, cloud networking and software orchestration solutions, showing how these solutions support mobile devices and services.

The book describes mobile cloud clouding concepts with a particular focus on a user-centric approach, presenting a distributed mobile cloud service model called POEM to manage mobile cloud resource and compose mobile cloud applications. It concludes with a close examination of the security and privacy issues of mobile clouds.

Key Features

  • Shows how to construct new mobile cloud based applications
  • Contains detailed approaches to address security challenges in mobile cloud computing
  • Includes a case study using vehicular cloud
About the author
By Dijiang Huang, Associate Professor, School of Computing Informatics and Decision Systems Engineering, Arizona State University and Huijun Wu, Twitter, Inc.
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ISBN: 9780128096413
Page Count: 336
Retail Price : £62.95
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  • Audience

    Cloud computing, mobile computing, and cybersecurity researchers and advanced students. Software developers, system administrators, security engineers, and system architects