Tissue Elasticity Imaging,
Edition 1 Volume 2: Clinical Applications
Edited by S. Kaisar Alam and Brian S. Garra

Publication Date: 02 Dec 2019

Tissue Elasticity Imaging: Volume Two: Clinical Applications offers an extensive treatment of the fundamentals and applications of this groundbreaking diagnostic modality. Techniques and results are presented for the assessment of breast, prostate, heart, liver and thyroid tissues. For each application, details are provided on how to perform each technique, along with methods of interpretation, diagnostic criteria, quality assurance, challenges and case studies. This book is an essential resource for all researchers and practitioners (including scientists, radiologists, urologists, fellows and residents) interested in any elasticity imaging modality.

As many diseases, including cancers, alter tissue mechanical properties, it is not always possible for conventional methods to detect changes, but with elasticity images that are produced by slow tissue deformation or low-frequency vibration, these changes can be displayed.

Key Features

  • Offers the first comprehensive reference on elasticity imaging
  • Discusses the fundamentals of technology and their limitations and solutions, along with advanced methods and future directions
  • Addresses the technologies and applications useful to both researchers and clinical practitioners
  • Includes an online reference section regularly updated with advances in technology and applications
About the author
Edited by S. Kaisar Alam, The Center for Computational Biomedicine Imaging and Modeling (CBIM), Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ, USA and Brian S. Garra, Department of Radiology, Washington, DC Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Washington, DC, USA
Table of Contents
1 Clinical elasticity estimation and imaging: applications and standards
2 Breast elastography
3 Clinical applications of elastographic methods to improve prostate cancer evaluation
4 Cardiovascular elastography
5 Ultrasound-based liver elastography
6 Thermal therapy monitoring using elastography
7 Thyroid elastography
8 Elastography applications in pregnancy
9 Musculoskeletal elastography
Book details
ISBN: 9780128096628
Page Count: 254
Retail Price : £76.95
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Medical physicists and biomedical engineers involved in biomedical imaging research; graduate students in physics, engineering, and computer science; medical practitioners