Individual Differences and Personality,
Edition 3
By Michael C. Ashton

Publication Date: 30 May 2017

Individual Differences and Personality, Third Edition provides a comprehensive overview of research on personality. The book begins with the main approaches to the study of personality, basic principles of personality measurement, the concept of personality traits, and the major dimensions of personality variation. Further chapters review personality change and stability, biological causal mechanisms, genetic and environmental influences and evolutionary adaptive function.

Personality disorders are examined as are life outcomes—such as relationships, work, health, and others—that are predicted by personality characteristics. The book additionally examines important individual differences, such as mental abilities, vocational interests, religious beliefs, political attitudes and sexuality.

The third edition is updated with new findings on age-related differences in personality, on sexual orientation and personality, on socially desirable responding in personality assessment, and on the biological and social origins of mental ability differences. Treatments of several topics have been streamlined, including reliability and validity, developmental change, genetic and environmental influences and the structure of mental abilities.

Key Features

  • Organized by issues in personality research rather than by theorists
  • Identifies main traits in personality and explains personality assessment
  • Examines the impact of personality on life outcomes
  • Explores developmental, genetic and evolutionary aspects of personality
  • Includes other psychological characteristics (abilities, interests, beliefs and attitudes)
  • Test bank included on the instructor website
About the author
By Michael C. Ashton, Professor of Psychology, Brock University, Ontario, Canada
Table of Contents

1. Basic Concepts in Psychological Measurement2. Personality Traits and the Inventories that Measure Them3. Personality Structure: Classifying Traits 4. Developmental Change and Stability of Personality5. Biological Bases of Personality6. Genetic and Environmental Influences on Personality7. The Evolutionary Function of Personality8. Personality Disorders9. Personality and Life Outcomes10. Mental Ability11. Vocational Interests12. Religion and Politics13. Sexuality

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ISBN: 9780128098455
Page Count: 404
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