Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers,
Edition 6
By Stephen Hall

Publication Date: 22 Nov 2017

Rules of Thumb for Chemical Engineers, Sixth Edition, is the most complete guide for chemical and process engineers who need reliable and authoritative solutions to on-the-job problems. The text is comprehensively revised and updated with new data and formulas. The book helps solve process design problems quickly, accurately and safely, with hundreds of common sense techniques, shortcuts and calculations. Its concise sections detail the steps needed to answer critical design questions and challenges. The book discusses physical properties for proprietary materials, pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sector heuristics, process design, closed-loop heat transfer systems, heat exchangers, packed columns and structured packings.

This book will help you: save time you no longer have to spend on theory or derivations; improve accuracy by exploiting well tested and accepted methods culled from industry experts; and save money by reducing reliance on consultants. The book brings together solutions, information and work-arounds from engineers in the process industry.

Key Features

  • Includes new chapters on biotechnology and filtration
  • Incorporates additional tables with typical values and new calculations
  • Features supporting data for selecting and specifying heat transfer equipment
About the author
By Stephen Hall, Chief Process Engineer for Genesis Engineers, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania
Table of Contents
1. Fluid Flow
2. Heat Exchangers
3. Fractionators
4. Absorbers
5. Pumps
6. Fans, Blowers and Compressors
7. Drivers
8. Vessels
9. Boilers
10. Cooling Towers
11. Refrigeration
12. Closed Loop Heat Transfer Systems
13. Biopharmaceutical Systems
14. Biotechnology
15. Vacuum Systems
16. Pneumatic Conveying
17. Lending and Agitation
18. Filtration
19. Process Evaluation
20. Reliability
21. Metallurgy
22. Safety
23. Controls
24. Troubleshooting
25. Startup
26. Energy Conservation
27. Process Modeling
28. Conversion Factors and Constants
29. Properties
Book details
ISBN: 9780128110379
Page Count: 516
Retail Price : £110.00
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