Psychological Processes in Social Media,
Edition 1 Why We Click
By Rosanna E. Guadagno

Publication Date: 01 Dec 2024
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Incorporating relevant theory and research from psychology (social, cognitive, clinical, developmental, and personality), mass communication, and media studies, Psychological Processes in Social Media: Why We Click examines both the positive and negative psychological impact of social media use. The book covers a broad range of topics such as research methods, social influence and the viral spread of information, the use of social media in political movements, prosocial behavior, trolling and cyberbullying, friendship and romantic relationships, and much more. Emphasizing the integration of theory and application throughout, Psychological Processes in Social Media: Why We Click offers an illuminating look at the psychological implications and processes around the use of social media.

Key Features

  • Each chapter starts with a contemporary real-world example illustrating the main point of the chapter
  • Integrates research from the psychological sciences, mass communication and media studies
  • Explores emotional contagion, memes, misinformation, aggression, social identity, and relationships
  • Includes sections on gender differences in social media use
  • Highlights the positive and negative psychological impact of social media use
  • Cultural differences in social media use featured as a cross-cutting theme in the book
About the author
By Rosanna E. Guadagno, University of Oulu, OASIS Research Unit, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Finland
Table of Contents

Part 1. Social Media Overview
1. Introduction to Social Media
2. The Self in Social Media
3. Personality in Social Media
4. Gender and Cultural Considerations in Social Media

Part 2. Social Media as Social Influence
5. Social Influence and Persuasion Processes in Social Media
6. Virality and Emotional Contagion in Social Media
7. Group Processes in Social Media
8. Power, Politics and Social Media

Part 3. Interpersonal Processes on Social Media
9. Friendship on Social Media
10. Romantic Relationships on Social Media
11. Aggression and Anti-Social Behavior on Social Media
12. Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination on Social Media
13. Helping and Prosocial Behavior in Social Media

Part 4. Other Social Media Considerations
14. Social Media in the Workplace
15. Social Media use Among Children and Adolescents
16. Social Media and Well-Being

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