Principles of Hormone/Behavior Relations,
Edition 2
By Donald W. Pfaff, Robert T Rubin, Jill E. Schneider and Geoff Head

Publication Date: 12 Jan 2018

Principles of Hormone/Behavior Relations, Second Edition, provides an introduction to the underlying principles of endocrine regulation of behavior, a newly emerging area of research within neurobiology and endocrinology. It addresses the properties of hormone/behavior relations, including the influence of family background, timing issues, neuroanatomical features, cellular mechanisms, and the importance of environmental context and evolution. This new edition incorporates critical advances in the field, also including increased coverage of hormonal influences on food intake, and on the cardiovascular system.

The addition of entirely new principles provides further coverage of epigenetics and appetite. Thoroughly revised and updated, this book is an ideal resource for neuroscientists and researchers engaging in this rapidly expanding field of study.

Key Features

  • Provides a unique structure where each chapter addresses a key principle that is illustrated by numerous basic experimental and clinical examples
  • Includes user-friendly features, such as boxed figures with extended captions and references, numerous clinical notes, and a comprehensive list of abbreviations
  • Contains numerous illustrations that highlight both the clinical and basic science information
About the author
By Donald W. Pfaff, Laboratory of Neurobiology and Behavior, Rockefeller University, NY, USA; Robert T Rubin, VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System, Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A; Jill E. Schneider, Department of Biological Sciences, Lehigh University, USA and Geoff Head, Neuropharmacology Laboratory, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Australia
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ISBN: 9780128113714
Page Count: 572
Retail Price : £60.99
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Neuroscientists and endocrinologists, as well as advanced students