Environmental Psychology and Human Well-Being,
Edition 1 Effects of Built and Natural Settings
By Ann Sloan Devlin

Publication Date: 25 Aug 2018

Environmental Psychology and Human Well-Being: Effects of Built and Natural Settings provides a better understanding of the way in which mental and physical well-being is affected by physical environments, along with insights into how the design of these environments might be improved to support better health outcomes. The book reviews the history of the field, discusses theoretical constructs in guiding research and design, and provides an up-to-date survey of research findings. Core psychological constructs, such as personal space, territoriality, privacy, resilience, stress, and more are integrated into each environment covered.

Key Features

  • Provides research-based insight into how an environment can impact mental and physical health and well-being
  • Integrates core psychological constructs, such as coping, place attachment, social support, and perceived control into each environment discussed
  • Includes discussion of Kaplan's Attention Restoration Theory and Ulrich's Stress Reduction Theory
  • Covers educational settings, workplace settings, environments for active living, housing for the elderly, natural settings, correctional facilities, and more
About the author
By Ann Sloan Devlin, Professor of Psychology, Connecticut College, New London, CT, USA
Table of Contents
Introduction: Rationale, Chapter Overviews, and Author Biographies
1. Concepts, Theories, and Research Approaches
2. A Typology of Suburban Experiences in the United States
3. Residential Environments and Active Living
4. Housing for Older Adults
5. City Life and Well-being
6. The Role of the Physical Environment in Education
7. Workplace Settings
8. The Environment and Consumer Behavior
9. Everyday and Nearby Natural Environments
10. Behavioral Impact of Naturalistic and Wilderness Settings
11. Can Correctional Environments Be Humane? A Case for Evidence-based and Value-based Design
12. Healthcare Settings
13. Designing Mental and Behavioral Facilities: Psychological, Social and Cultural Issues
14. Memory Care and Alzheimer’s Units
15. Therapeutic Landscapes
Concluding Remarks
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Page Count: 482
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Environmental-behavior academics/researchers, environmental psychologists, environmental psychology students; researchers in architecture, gerontology, behavioral geography, city and regional planning