Elements of Oil and Gas Well Tubular Design,
Edition 1
By P.D. Pattillo

Publication Date: 30 May 2018

Elements of Oil and Gas Well Tubular Design offers insight into the complexities of oil well casing and tubing design. The book's intent is to be sufficiently detailed on the tubular-oriented application of the principles of solid mechanics while at the same time providing readers with key equations pertintent to design. It addresses the fundamentals of tubular design theory, bridging the gap between theory and field operation. Filled with derivations and detailed solutions to well design examples, Elements of Oil and Gas Well Tubular Design provides the well designer with sound engineering principles applicable to today's oil and gas wells.

Key Features

  • Understand engineering mechanics for oil well casing and tubing design with emphasis on derivation, limiations, and application of fundamental equations
  • Grasp well tubular design from one unified source with underlying concepts of stress, strain, and material constitution
  • Quantify practice with detailed well design worked examples amenable to quality check with commercial software
About the author
By P.D. Pattillo, Independent Contractor for tubular related issues, Houston, TX, USA
Book details
ISBN: 9780128117699
Page Count: 606
Retail Price : £155.00
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Drilling, completion, and production field engineers, graduate level petroleum engineers, Researchers interested in oil well tubing and casing design