Casting Aluminum Alloys,
Edition 2 Their Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy
By Michael V Glazoff, Alexandra Khvan, Vadim S Zolotorevsky, Nikolai A Belov and Alan Dinsdale

Publication Date: 12 Sep 2018

Casting Aluminum Alloys, Second Edition, the follow up to the fall 2007 work on the structure, properties, thermal resistance, corrosion and fatigue of aluminum alloys in industrial manufacturing, discusses findings from the past decade, including sections on new casting alloys, novel casting technologies, and new methods of alloys design. The book also includes other hot topics, such as the implementation of computational technologies for the calculation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of alloys, the development of software for calculation of diffusion processes in aluminum alloys, computational modeling of solidification microstructure and texture evolution of multi-component aluminum materials.

In addition to changes in computational predictive abilities, there is a review of novel casting aluminum alloy compositions and properties, as well as descriptions of new casting technologies and updates to coverage on the mechanical properties of aluminum casting alloys.

Key Features

  • Presents a discussion of thermodynamic calculations used for assessing non-equilibrium solidifications of casting aluminum alloys
  • Expands coverage of mathematical models for alloy mechanical properties, helping facilitate the selection of the best prospective candidate for new alloy development
  • Contains a new section that describes the self-consistent evaluation of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of aluminum alloys
About the author
By Michael V Glazoff, Alcoa Technical Center, Alcoa Center, PA, USA; Alexandra Khvan, Associate Professor of Materials Science, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Director of the Research Center, Moscow, Russia; Vadim S Zolotorevsky, Professor of Materials Science and Light Alloys, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, Russia; Nikolai A Belov, Chief Scientist and Professor of Materials Science and Light Alloys at National University of Science and Technology MISiS (department of Metal Forming), Russia and Alan Dinsdale, Professor of Materials Thermodynamics, Brunel University, London, UK
Table of Contents

1. Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamic Properties of Al-Bearing Alloys2. Non-Equilibrium Solidifications of Casting Aluminum Alloys3. Structure of Casting Aluminum Alloys4. Structure of Casting Aluminum Alloys after Heat Treatment(s)5. Industrial and Perspective Casting Alloys

Book details
ISBN: 9780128118054
Page Count: 562
Retail Price : £200.00
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Practicing engineers – developers of novel casting alloys, graduate students and seniors specializing in light metallic alloys. Specialists in the general field of phase equilibria and thermodynamic properties of materials, computational materials science and applied physics; broad inter-disciplinary audience, from senior undergraduate level to graduate students to post-docs to scientists