Food and Society,
Edition 1
Edited by Mark Gibson

Publication Date: 25 Feb 2020

Food and Society provides a broad spectrum of information to help readers understand how the food industry has evolved from the 20th century to present. It includes information anyone would need to prepare for the future of the food industry, including discussions on the drivers that have, and may, affect food supplies. From a historical perspective, readers will learn about past and present challenges in food trends, nutrition, genetically modified organisms, food security, organic foods, and more. The book offers different perspectives on solutions that have worked in the past, while also helping to anticipate future outcomes in the food supply.

Professionals in the food industry, including food scientists, food engineers, nutritionists and agriculturalists will find the information comprehensive and interesting. In addition, the book could even be used as the basis for the development of course materials for educators who need to prepare students entering the food industry.

Key Features

  • Includes hot topics in food science, such as GMOs, modern agricultural practices and food waste
  • Reviews the role of food in society, from consumption, to politics, economics and social trends
  • Encompasses food safety, security and public health
  • Discusses changing global trends in food preferences
About the author
Edited by Mark Gibson, Mark Gibson is an independent scholar. He has a broad and varied professional background in healthcare, and is both a mental health and general nurse. His experience includes working in general and clinical management as well as higher education, with his specialist areas of interest being those of healthcare governance, patient safety and incident investigation, legal matters and staff training and development.
Book details
ISBN: 9780128118085
Page Count: 562
Retail Price : £118.00
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Food professionals and students in academic, government, and corporate markets