The Psychology of Globalization,
Edition 1 Identity, Ideology, and Action
By Gerhard Reese, Amir Rosenmann and James E. Cameron

Publication Date: 17 Jan 2019

The Psychology of Globalization: Identity, Ideology, and Action underpins the necessity to focus on the psychological dimensions of globalization. Overviewing the theory and empirical research as it relates to globalization and psychology, the book focuses on two key domains: social identity and collective action, and political ideology and attitudes. These provide frameworks for addressing four specific topics: (a) environmental challenges, (b) consumer culture, (c) international security, and (d) transnational migration and intra-national cultural diversification. Arguing that individual social representation and behavior are altered by globalizing processes while they simultaneously contribute to these processes, the authors explore economic, political and cultural dimensions.

Key Features

  • Discusses how globalization affects our social identity, collective action, and intergroup relations
  • Examines how the infrastructure of global consumerism shapes individuals' selfhood, group formation, and action
  • Investigates how people perceive and respond to global challenges such as climate change and mass migration
About the author
By Gerhard Reese, Professor, University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany; Amir Rosenmann, Research Fellow, University of Haifa, Israel and James E. Cameron, Professor of Psychology, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada
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ISBN: 9780128121092
Page Count: 288
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