Sustainable Food and Agriculture,
Edition 1 An Integrated Approach
Edited by Clayton Campanhola and Shivaji Pandey

Publication Date: 07 Dec 2018

Sustainable Food and Agriculture: An Integrated Approach is the first book to look at the imminent threats to sustainable food security through a cross-sectoral lens. As the world faces food supply challenges posed by the declining growth rate of agricultural productivity, accelerated deterioration of quantity and quality of natural resources that underpin agricultural production, climate change, and hunger, poverty and malnutrition, a multi-faced understanding is key to identifying practical solutions. This book gives stakeholders a common vision, concept and methods that are based on proven and widely agreed strategies for continuous improvement in sustainability at different scales.

While information on policies and technologies that would enhance productivity and sustainability of individual agricultural sectors is available to some extent, literature is practically devoid of information and experiences for countries and communities considering a comprehensive approach (cross-sectoral policies, strategies and technologies) to SFA. This book is the first effort to fill this gap, providing information on proven options for enhancing productivity, profitability, equity and environmental sustainability of individual sectors and, in addition, how to identify opportunities and actions for exploiting cross-sectoral synergies.

Key Features

  • Provides proven options of integrated technologies and policies, helping new programs identify appropriate existing programs
  • Presents mechanisms/tools for balancing trade-offs and proposes indicators to facilitate decision-making and progress measurement
  • Positions a comprehensive and informed review of issues in one place for effective education, comparison and evaluation
About the author
Edited by Clayton Campanhola, Strategic Programme Leader for Sustainable Agriculture, FAO, Rome and Shivaji Pandey, Special Advisor for Sustainable Agriculture, FAO and Board Member, Mexican Association of Food Banks (AMBA) and the Humanitas Global
Book details
ISBN: 9780128121344
Page Count: 594
Retail Price : £97.99
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Policy makers, development practitioners, agricultural research and extension professionals, students of biological and human sciences, economists, agronomists