Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture,
Edition 1 Emerging Approaches and Strategies
Edited by Ram Lakhan Singh and Sukanta Mondal

Publication Date: 13 Sep 2017

Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture: Emerging Approaches and Strategies is an outstanding collection of current research that integrates basic and advanced concepts of agricultural biotechnology with future development prospects. Using biotechnology with sustainable agriculture effectively contributes to gains in agricultural productivity, enhanced food security, reduced poverty and malnutrition, and more ecologically sustainable means of food production. Written by a panel of experts, this book is unique in its coverage of the broad area of biotechnology for sustainable agriculture. It includes intriguing topics and discussions of areas such as recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering.

Key Features

  • Identifies and explores biotechnological tools to enhance sustainability
  • Encompasses plant and microbial biotechnology, nanotechnology and genetic engineering
  • Focuses on plant biotechnology and crop improvement to increase yield and resilience
  • Summarizes the impact of climate change on agriculture, fisheries and livestock
About the author
Edited by Ram Lakhan Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Nilamber-Pitamber University, Medininagar, Jharkhand, India and Sukanta Mondal, Principal Scientist, National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology, Adugodi, Bangalore, India
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Biotechnology for Sustainable Agriculture: an overview
3. Biotechnological tools to enhance sustainable production.
4. Sustainable agriculture and food security
5. Plant biotechnology and crop improvement
6. Transgenic Animals production
7. Microbial biotechnology and sustainable agriculture.
8. Impact of climate change on agriculture and food security
9. Impact of climate change on livestock production
10. Impact of Climate change on fisheries
11. Nanotechnology and its implication in Agricultural Biotechnology
12. Genetic Engineering and public perception
13. The way ahead
Book details
ISBN: 9780128121603
Page Count: 446
Retail Price : £200.00
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