Dictionary of Sport Psychology,
Edition 1 Sport, Exercise, and Performing Arts
Edited by Dieter Hackfort, Robert J. Schinke and Bernd Strauss

Publication Date: 07 Feb 2019
Dictionary of Sport Psychology: Sport, Exercise, and Performing Arts is a comprehensive reference with hundreds of concise entries across sports, martial arts, exercise and fitness, performing arts and cultural sport psychology. This dictionary uses a global approach to cover philosophical and cultural backgrounds, theory, methodology, education and training and fields of application. Each entry includes phenomenon, subject description and definition, related theory and research, practice and application across sports and related performance domains. An authoritative, balanced and accessible presentation of the state-of-the-art in key subject areas, this dictionary is a must-have reference for anyone studying or practicing sport psychology.

Key Features

  • Provides a diverse cultural perspective to ensure the broadest coverage of internationalization
  • Covers a broad scope of terms and concepts
  • Includes extended performance domains, such as music, dance, theater arts and the circus
  • Utilizes an alphabetical approach so entries are easily found and quickly referenced
  • Contains entries written by leading researchers and scholars across the globe
About the author
Edited by Dieter Hackfort, Department for Sport Science, University AF Munich, Germany; Robert J. Schinke, Canada Research Chair in Multicultural Sport and Physical Activity, Professor of Sport Psychology, School of Human Kinetics, Laurentian University, Canada and Bernd Strauss, Institute of Sports Science, University of Muenster, Muenster, Germany
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ISBN: 9780128131503
Page Count: 336
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Academics/researchers, professionals, graduate and undergraduate students specializing in sport science, performance psychology, psychology, fitness and mental health consultants, coaches and instructors