Sustainable Food Supply Chains,
Edition 1 Planning, Design, and Control through Interdisciplinary Methodologies
Edited by Riccardo Accorsi and Riccardo Manzini

Publication Date: 10 Jun 2019

Sustainable Food Supply Chains: Planning, Design, and Control through Interdisciplinary Methodologies provides integrated and practicable solutions that aid planners and entrepreneurs in the design and optimization of food production-distribution systems and operations and drives change toward sustainable food ecosystems.

With synthesized coverage of the academic literature, this book integrates the quantitative models and tools that address each step of food supply chain operations to provide readers with easy access to support-decision quantitative and practicable methods.

Broken into three parts, the book begins with an introduction and problem statement. The second part presents quantitative models and tools as an integrated framework for the food supply chain system and operations design. The book concludes with the presentation of case studies and applications focused on specific food chains.

Sustainable Food Supply Chains: Planning, Design, and Control through Interdisciplinary Methodologies will be an indispensable resource for food scientists, practitioners and graduate students studying food systems and other related disciplines.

Key Features

  • Contains quantitative models and tools that address the interconnected areas of the food supply chain
  • Synthesizes academic literature related to sustainable food supply chains
  • Deals with interdisciplinary fields of research (Industrial Systems Engineering, Food Science, Packaging Science, Decision Science, Logistics and Facility Management, Supply Chain Management, Agriculture and Land-use Planning) that dominate food supply chain systems and operations
  • Includes case studies and applications
About the author
Edited by Riccardo Accorsi, Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, University of Bologna, Italy and Riccardo Manzini, University of Bologna, Italy
Table of Contents

1. Modelling Inclusive Food Supply Chains toward Sustainable Ecosystem Planning
2. Emerging Issues and Challenges in Agri-Food Supply Chain
3. The role of modelling and systems thinking in contemporary agriculture
4. Food Shelf-life Models
5. A Support-Design Procedure for Sustainable Food Product-Packaging Systems
6. Design Advanced Food Packaging Systems and Technologies through Modelling and Virtualization
7. Sustainable food processing: A production planning and scheduling perspective
8. Design-support Methodologies for Job-Shop Production System in the Food Industry
9. The Storage of Perishable Products: A Decision-support Tool to Manage Temperature-sensitive Products Warehouses
10. Mathematical Modelling of Food and Agriculture Distribution
11. Using Vehicle Routing Models to improve Sustainability of Temperature-controlled Food Chains
12. Cool chain and temperature-controlled transport: An overview of concepts, challenges and technologies
13. Food Transportation and Refrigeration Technologies – Design and optimization
14. Quality assessment of Temperature-sensitive High-value Food Products. An application to Italian fine chocolate distribution
15. Models and Technologies for the Enhancement of Transparency and Visibility in Food Supply Chains
16. Forecasting for food demand
17. Food Systems Sustainability: The complex challenge of food loss and waste
18. Handling Food Waste and Losses. Criticalities and Methodologies
19. Sustainable Urban Food Planning: Optimizing Land-use Allocation and Transportation in Urban-Rural Ecosystems
20. Sustainable Operations in Reusable Food Packaging Networks
21. A Model to Enhance the Penetration of the Renewables to Power Multi-Stage Food Supply Chains
22. Decision Support Models for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Supply Chain Management
23. Modelling By-products and Waste Management in the Meat Industry
24. Recipe-driven Methods for the Design and Management of Food Catering Production Systems

Book details
ISBN: 9780128134115
Page Count: 394
Retail Price : £157.00
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Researchers, practitioners and graduate students studying food ecosystems, food operations management and other related disciplines.