Marine Pollution,
Edition 1 Sources, Fate and Effects of Pollutants in Coastal Ecosystems
By Ricardo Beiras

Publication Date: 25 Jul 2018

Marine Pollution: Sources, Fate and Effects of Pollutants in Coastal Ecosystems bring together the theoretical background on common and emerging marine pollutants and their effects on organisms (ecotoxicology). Written by a renowned expert in the field who is a researcher, teacher and advisor of national and international institutions on issues such as oil spills, water quality assessment and plastic pollution, this book offers a thorough account of the effects of pollutants on marine organisms, the relevant environmental regulations, and the public health implications, along with the biological tools advocated by the international institutions for marine pollution monitoring.Marine Pollution: Sources, Fate and Effects of Pollutants in Coastal Ecosystems presents information in a detailed and didactic manner, reviewing the latest scientific knowledge alongside examples of practical applications.

Key Features

  • Provides an in-depth analysis of the uptake, accumulation and fate of pollutants in the marine compartments
  • Delivers a critical appraisal on biological tools for the practical monitoring of marine pollution
  • Presents key concepts and case studies to provide a comprehensive study of the different categories of marine pollution and its effects
About the author
By Ricardo Beiras, Professor of Ecology, Faculty of Marine Sciences, University of Vigo, Spain
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ISBN: 9780128137369
Page Count: 408
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Undergraduates with a background in marine sciences, first year PHD students and early career researchers seeking a specialization in environmental management. Students of environmental sciences (undergraduates and master students) seeking theoretical backgrounds and applied knowledge on state of the art marine pollution science. Public and private stakeholders involved in the management of marine environment, specifically theoretical background and applied knowledge on pollution prevention, monitoring, effects and abatement