Business Continuity Planning,
Edition 1 Increasing Workplace Resilience to Disasters
By Brenda D. Phillips and Mark Landahl

Publication Date: 26 Nov 2020

Terrorism, natural disasters, or hazardous materials threaten the viability for all types of businesses. With an eye toward business scale, scope, and diversity, Business Continuity Planning: Increasing Workplace Resilience to Disasters, addresses a range of potential businesses from home-based to large corporations in the face of these threats, including the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. Information on business continuity planning is easy to find but can be difficult to work through. Terminology, required content, and planning barriers often prevent progress. This volume solves such problems by guiding readers, step-by-step, through such actions as identifying hazards and assessing risks, writing critical functions, forming teams, and encouraging stakeholder participation. In essence, this volume serves as a business continuity planning coach for people new to the process or seeking to strengthen and deepen their ongoing efforts. By engaging stakeholders in a business continuity planning process, businesses can protect employees, customers, and their financial stability. Coupled with examples from recent disasters, planners will be able to inspire and involve stakeholders in creating a more resilient workplace. Designed for both educators and practitioners, Business Continuity Planning: Increasing Workplace Resilience to Disasters walks users through how to understand and execute the essential steps of business continuity planning.

Key Features

  • Presents evidence-based best practices coupled with standard operating procedures for business continuity planning in a stepwise, user-oriented manner
  • Includes numerous examples and case studies bringing the ideas and procedures to life
  • Provides user-friendly materials and resources, such as templated worksheets, checklists, and procedures with clear instructions, making the volume engaging and immediately operational
About the author
By Brenda D. Phillips, Indiana University South Bend, Indiana, USA and Mark Landahl, Ph.D., Emergency Manager, City of Rockville, Maryland, USA
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ISBN: 9780128138441
Page Count: 194
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Emergency Managers, Business Continuity Planners, and Risk Managers. Emergency Management education/degree programs