Fundamentals and Applications of Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry,
Edition 1
Edited by Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin and Basem Kanawati

Publication Date: 13 Aug 2019

Fundamentals and Applications of Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry is the first book to delve into the underlying principles on the topic and their linkage to industrial applications. Drs. Schmitt-Kopplin and Kanawati have brought together a team of leading experts in their respective fields to present this technique from many different perspectives, describing, at length, the pros and cons of FT-ICR and Orbitrap. Numerous examples help researchers decide which instruments to use for their particular scientific problem and which data analysis methods should be applied to get the most out of their data.

Key Features

  • Covers FT-ICR-MS and Orbitrap’s fundamentals, enhancing researcher knowledge
  • Includes details on ion sources, data processing, chemical analysis and imaging
  • Provides examples across the wide spectrum of applications, including omics, environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical and food analysis
About the author
Edited by Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany; Institute for Analytical Food Chemistry of the Technical University Munich, Germany and Basem Kanawati, Helmholtz Zentrum, Munich, Germany
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ISBN: 9780128140130
Page Count: 778
Retail Price : £235.00

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Postgraduate students of analytical chemistry, scientists in the broad world of mass spectrometry, Industry co-workers in quality control and pharmaceutical chemistry as well as in environmental and petroleum chemical analysis. Biologists including microbiology staff working in the field of RNA/DNA and proteomics. Physicists and scientists working on the cutting edge of analytical and physical chemistry. Industry Sectors: Health care and life sciences, Quality Control & Analytical chemical trace analysis, Manufacturers of all mass spectrometers, Academics, Chemical analysts in petroleum companies