Easy Statistics for Food Science with R,
Edition 1
By Abbas F.M. Alkarkhi and Wasin A. A. Alqaraghuli

Publication Date: 19 Sep 2018

Easy Statistics for Food Science with R presents the application of statistical techniques to assist students and researchers who work in food science and food engineering in choosing the appropriate statistical technique. The book focuses on the use of univariate and multivariate statistical methods in the field of food science. The techniques are presented in a simplified form without relying on complex mathematical proofs.

This book was written to help researchers from different fields to analyze their data and make valid decisions. The development of modern statistical packages makes the analysis of data easier than before. The book focuses on the application of statistics and correct methods for the analysis and interpretation of data. R statistical software is used throughout the book to analyze the data.

Key Features

  • Contains numerous step-by-step tutorials help the reader to learn quickly
  • Covers the theory and application of the statistical techniques
  • Shows how to analyze data using R software
  • Provides R scripts for all examples and figures
About the author
By Abbas F.M. Alkarkhi, Universiti Kuala Lumpur (Unikl), Malaysia and Wasin A. A. Alqaraghuli, Self-employed, Kajang, Malaysia
Table of Contents

1. Introduction2. Introduction to R3. Statistical Concepts4. Measures of Location and Dispersion5. Hypothesis Testing6. Comparing Several Population Means7. Regression Models8. Principal Component Analysis9. Factor Analysis10. Discriminant Analysis and Classification 11. Cluster Analysis

Book details
ISBN: 9780128142622
Page Count: 228
Retail Price : £93.99
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Undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and researchers in food science