New Edition
Exploring Engineering,
Edition 5 An Introduction to Engineering and Design
By Robert Balmer, Ph.D. and William Keat

Publication Date: 04 Jun 2020
Engineers solve problems and work on emerging challenges in a wide range of areas important to improving quality of life; areas like sustainable energy, access to clean water, and improved communications and health care technologies. Kosky et al’s Exploring Engineering explores the world of engineering by introducing the reader to what engineers do, the fundamental principles that form the basis of their work, and how they apply that knowledge within a structured design process. The three-part organization of the text reinforces these areas, making this an ideal introduction for anyone interested in exploring the various fields of engineering and learning how engineers work to solve problems. The 5th edition has been revised to better reflect the knowledge base of incoming freshmen, and new content has been added for several new and emerging engineering disciplines, such as environmental engineering, cybersecurity, additive manufacturing, and mechatronics, as well as new design projects

Key Features

  • Multiple award-winning textbook introduces students to the engineering profession, emphasizing the fundamental physical, chemical, and material bases for all engineering work
  • Includes an Engineering Ethics Decision Matrix used throughout the book to pose ethical challenges and explore decision-making in an engineering context
  • Lists of "Top Engineering Achievements" and "Top Engineering Challenges" help put the material in context and show engineering as a vibrant discipline involved in solving societal problems
  • Companion Web site includes links to several drawing supplements, including "Free-hand Engineering Sketching," (detailed instructions on free-hand engineering sketching); "AutoCAD Introduction," (an introduction to the free AutoCAD drawing software); and "Design Projects," (freshman-level design projects that complement the "Hands-On" part of the textbook)
About the author
By Robert Balmer, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering Professor Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Dean Emeritus, Engineering and Computer Science, Union College, Schenectady NY, USA . and William Keat, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Union College, Mechanical Engineering Department, Schenectady,USA.
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ISBN: 9780128150733
Page Count: 656
Retail Price : £69.99
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Freshman undergraduate students entering 4-year engineering programs, including those with declared or intended majors in all engineering areas such as mechanical, electrical, chemical, industrial, and civil engineering; Freshman undergraduate students taking an Introduction to Engineering Course as a requirement for a technical degree or as an elective for science and technology requirements for other degree programs in liberal arts, business, life sciences, and so forth
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