Dynamics and Control of Nuclear Reactors,
Edition 1
By Thomas W. Kerlin and Belle R. Upadhyaya

Publication Date: 09 Oct 2019
Dynamics and Control of Nuclear Reactors presents the latest knowledge and research in reactor dynamics, control and instrumentation; important factors in ensuring the safe and economic operation of nuclear power plants. This book provides current and future engineers with a single resource containing all relevant information, including detailed treatments on the modeling, simulation, operational features and dynamic characteristics of pressurized light-water reactors, boiling light-water reactors, pressurized heavy-water reactors and molten-salt reactors. It also provides pertinent, but less detailed information on small modular reactors, sodium fast reactors, and gas-cooled reactors.

Key Features

  • Provides case studies and examples to demonstrate learning through problem solving, including an analysis of accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima Daiichi
  • Includes MATLAB codes to enable the reader to apply the knowledge gained to their own projects and research
  • Features examples and problems that illustrate the principles of dynamic analysis as well as the mathematical tools necessary to understand and apply the analysis

Publishers Note: Table 3.1 has been revised and will be included in future printings of the book with the following data:

Group Decay Constant, li (sec-1) Delayed Neutron Fraction (bi) 1 0.0124 0.000221 2 0.0305 0.001467 3 0.111 0.001313 4 0.301 0.002647 5 1.14 0.000771 6 3.01 0.000281 Total delayed neutron fraction: 0.0067
About the author
By Thomas W. Kerlin, Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee and Belle R. Upadhyaya, Professor Emeritus of Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Nuclear Reactor Designs
3. The Point Reactor Kinetics Equations
4. Solutions of The Point Reactor Kinetics Equations and Interpretation
5. Subcritical Operation
6. Fission Product Poisoning
7. Reactivity Feedbacks
8. Reactor Control
9. Space-Time Kinetics
10. Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics
11. Nuclear Reactor Safety
12. Pressurized Water Reactors
13. Boiling Water Reactors
14. Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors
15. Nuclear Plant Simulators
16. Nuclear Plant Instrumentation

A. Generation Ii Reactor Parameters
B. Advanced Reactors
C. Basic Reactor Physics
D. Laplace Transforms and Transfer Functions
E. Frequency Response Analysis of Linear Systems
F. State Variable Models and Transient Analysis
G. Matlab And Simulink: A Brief Tutorial
H. Analytical Solution of The Point Reactor Kinetics Equations and The Prompt Jump Approximation
I. A Moving Boundary Model
J. Modeling and Simulation of a Pressurized Water Reactor
K. Modeling and Simulation of a Molten Salt Reactor

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ISBN: 9780128152614
Page Count: 402
Retail Price : £138.00
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Nuclear engineers and engineering students, particularly those lacking an understanding of how to carry out reactor simulations and design control systems; system engineers and modellers; graduate students of nuclear engineering, especially those concerned with energy systems; researchers concerned with the simulation of new reactor designs and the development of electrical grid requirements