Environmental Soil Chemistry,
Edition 3
By Donald L. Sparks, Balwant Singh and Matthew G. Siebecker

Publication Date: 02 Jan 2023

Environmental Soil Chemistry, Third Edition provides an up-to-date overview of the interdisciplinary field of environmental soil chemistry. This classic text covers the fundamental principles of soil chemistry, including the inorganic and organic components of soil, soil porewater chemistry, interfacial chemical reactions between solids and dissolved ions/molecules, ion exchange, and the kinetics of the soil chemical process, such as sorption and redox. Soil acidity and salinity are also discussed. This fully updated third edition places particular emphasis on environmental reactions between clay minerals, metal oxides, and soil organic matter with heavy metals, pesticides, and industrial contaminants.

This text provides the latest technological advances representing the cutting edge of the science. Completely updated throughout with new content and updated full color figures, the third edition contains expanded information on soil minerals and an increased emphasis on the coupling between chemical and biological reactions, mechanisms, and processes. This third edition provides upper-level undergraduate and graduate students in soil science with sound contemporary training in the basics of soil chemistry and applications to real-world environmental concerns. The book offers a competitive advantage for those students looking to incorporate novel, advanced tools into their research.

Key Features

  • Includes problem sets in each chapter for enhanced learning and comprehension
  • Emphasizes soil organic carbon reactions with clay minerals and metal oxides, including examples from advanced spectromicroscopic techniques
  • Features revised content highlighting the role of soils in environmental and ecosystem services
  • Presents new material on advances in surface complexation modeling
  • Delivers concise summaries of research using state-of-the art techniques
  • Highlights advances in understanding reactions at mineral-water interfaces, including adsorption, dissolution, and surface precipitation
  • Offers a new online course supplement for instructors
About the author
By Donald L. Sparks, Director, Delaware Environmental Institute, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA; Balwant Singh, Professor of Soil Science, University of Sydney, Australia and Matthew G. Siebecker, Assistant Professor, Applied Environmental Soil Chemistry, Dept. of Plant and Soil Science, Texas Tech University, TX, USA
Table of Contents

1. An introduction to environmental soil chemistry
2. Soil Minerals
3. Chemistry of Soil Organic Matter
4. Soil Solution-Solid Phase Equilibria
5. Sorption Phenomena on Soils
6. Ion Exchange Processes
7. Kinetics of Soil Chemical Processes
8. Redox Chemistry of Soils
9. The Chemistry of Soil Acidity
10. The Chemistry of Saline and Sodic Soils

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ISBN: 9780128158807
Page Count: 464
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