Underwriting Commercial Real Estate in a Dynamic Market,
Edition 1 Case Studies
By Christian Redfearn

Publication Date: 14 May 2019

A recurrent theme in Underwriting Commercial Real Estate in a Dynamic Market is that good thinking and good underwriting go together. This stands in contrast with "getting an answer" or even worse "reverse engineering" – getting to a solution by assuming that current trends in market pricing is best. The cases in Underwriting Commercial Real Estate in a Dynamic Market will force readers to recognize that there is no single answer, but rather a range of answers that will depend on numerous perspectives. And, in order to make valuation decisions, they will have to undertake a rich conversation about what constitutes a good trade-off and what does not. Cases can be structured for use with introductory material as well as advanced topics.

Key Features

  • Encourages readers to think about alternatives and their viability
  • Addresses real world variations and concentrates on large urban economic forces and their implications for real estate valuation
  • Presents case studies that vary significantly in length and specificity
  • Includes pedagogical materials such as case introductions and exhibits
About the author
By Christian Redfearn, University of Southern California, USA
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ISBN: 9780128159897
Page Count: 262
Retail Price : £70.99
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Upper-division undergraduates, MA, and Ph.D. students who need an introduction to real estate industry practices. The material is also relevant to practitioners who need its mathematics