Wine Science,
Edition 5 Principles and Applications
By Ronald S. Jackson

Publication Date: 02 Apr 2020

Wine Science: Principles and Applications, Fifth Edition, delivers in-depth information and expertise in a single, science-focused volume, including all the complexities and nuances of creating a quality wine product. From variety, to the chemistry that transforms grape to fruit to wine, the book presents sections on the most important information regarding wine laws, authentication, the latest technology used in wine production, and expert-insights into the sensory appreciation of wine and its implications in health. This book is ideal for anyone seeking to understand the science that produces quality wines of every type.

Key Features

  • Presents thorough explanations of viticulture and winemaking principles from grape to taste bud
  • Addresses historical developments in wine production, notably sparkling wines
  • Provides techniques in grapevine breeding, notably CRISPR
  • Compares production methods in a framework that provides insights into the advantages and disadvantages of each
About the author
By Ronald S. Jackson, Brock University, Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute, St. Catharine's, Ontario, Canada
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ISBN: 9780128161180
Page Count: 1030
Retail Price : £137.00
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Grape growers, fermentation technologists; students of enology and viticulture, enologists, viticulturalists