Light and Video Microscopy,
Edition 3
By Randy O. Wayne

Publication Date: 12 Jun 2019

Light and Video Microscopy, Third Edition provides a step-by-step journey through philosophy, psychology and the geometrical and physical optics involved in interpreting images formed by light microscopes. The book addresses the intricacies necessary to set up light microscopes that allow one to visualize transparent specimens and, in the process, quantitatively determine various physico-chemical properties of specimens. This updated edition includes the most recent developments in microscopy, ensuring that it continues to be the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and informative guide on light microscopy. With its presentation of geometrical optics, it assists the reader in understanding image formation and light movement within the microscope.

Key Features

  • Provides a fully-revised, updated resource on three-dimensional (3D) structures
  • Contains a new appendices on Diffraction Theory and Advanced Image Processing
  • Provides practical applications, lab exercises and case studies on the mathematics, physics and biology used in microscopy
  • Discusses bright field, dark field, phase-contrast, fluorescence, interference, differential interference and modulation contrast microscopes, oblique illumination and photomicrography
About the author
By Randy O. Wayne, Plant cell biologist at Cornell University
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ISBN: 9780128165010
Page Count: 510
Retail Price : £118.00
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  • Conn, Fluoresence Microscopy, 2014, 978142095137, $150.00
  • Herman and Lemasters, Optical Microscopy: Emerging Methods and Applications, 2012, 9780123420602, $72.95

Horticulturists, plant biologists, food scientists, microbiologists, fungal biologists, veterinarians, forensic scientists, biochemists, physicists, engineers, cell biologists, neurobiologists, reproductive biologists, and anyone using a light or video microscope