Introductory Immunology,
Edition 2 Basic Concepts for Interdisciplinary Applications
By Jeffrey K. Actor

Publication Date: 13 Feb 2019

Introductory Immunology: Basic Concepts for Interdisciplinary Applications, Second Edition is a completely updated, revised and expanded resource on the immune system as a primary defense for the maintenance of health and homeostasis. The book highlights the components of the human immune system and how they work together to confer protection against pathogenic invaders. It also creates an understanding of the basis for clinical tests and immune therapeutics and their importance in identifying and treating disease states. This updated edition will strengthen the foundation required to understand the placement of immune function within clinical practice, thus allowing a basic platform to define therapeutic treatments.

Key Features

  • Creates appreciation for the components of the human immune system that work together to confer lifelong protection
  • Provides core knowledge in immunology to build a foundation to explore mechanisms involved in clinical disease
  • Breaks down all immunology concepts into manageable, logically digestible building blocks
  • Geared toward readers without medical, biochemical or cellular expertise
  • Includes a glossary that provides functional definitions of complex terms
About the author
By Jeffrey K. Actor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Texas-Houston Medical School, USA
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ISBN: 9780128165720
Page Count: 194
Retail Price : £78.99
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