Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines: Volume I,
Edition 2 Buckling and Collapse
By Stelios Kyriakides and Edmundo Corona

Publication Date: 11 Jan 2023

Mechanics of Offshore Pipelines, Second Edition, Volume One: Buckling and Collapse gives engineers fundamental knowledge on principles surrounding the mechanical behavior of pipelines and long tubular structures in the oil and gas industry. Addressing common challenges pertaining to buckling and collapse under various offshore loads, the authors go through each challenge experimentally, with supporting and analyzing data to present the main limits encountered. Helpful to both the practicing engineer and the graduate level, the combined effort of analysis supplemented with numerical modeling helps engineers design procedures and guidelines to reproduce the best solution or solve problems using a nonlinear finite element code.

Custom formulations are also included to help users gain a deeper understanding of each challenge. Rounding out with helpful appendices, including a glossary of terms, this book continues to deliver critical research and data to engineers that need to design, install and maintain efficient and safe offshore pipelines.

Key Features

  • Updated to include more practical aspects, such as failure of corroded pipes under external pressure and response of bi-material under bending
  • Delves into cost-effective materials and installation techniques
  • Covers guidelines, practicing methods and recommendations on maintenance and design
  • Recommended as the "bible" for offshore pipelines
  • Explains the full spectrum of classical challenges, such as inelastic structural mechanics and the newest technological demands
About the author
By Stelios Kyriakides, John Webb Jennings Chair in Engineering, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, The University of Texas at Austin, USA and Edmundo Corona, Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico, USA
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Offshore Facilities and Pipeline Installation Methods
3. Pipe and Tube Manufacturing Processes
4. Buckling and Collapse Under External Pressure
5. Collapse of UOE Pipe Under External Pressure
6. Collapse of Dented Pipe Under External Pressure
7. Buckling and Collapse Under Combined External Pressure and Tension
8. Inelastic Response, Buckling and Collapse Under Pure Bending
9. Buckling and Collapse Under Combined Bending and External Pressure
10. Inelastic Response Under Combined Bending and Tension
11. Plastic Buckling and Collapse Under Axial Compression
12. Collapse Under Combined Internal Pressure and Axial Compression
13. Elements of Metal Plasticity

A. Mechanical Testing
B. Plastic Anisotropic in Tubes
C. The Ramberg-Osgood Stress-Strain Fit
D. Sanders' Circular Cylindrical Shell Equations
E. Stress-Strain Fitting for the Dafalias-Popov Model
F. Stress-Strain Fitting for the Tseng-Lee Model
G. Glossary and Nomenclature
H. Units and Conversions

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ISBN: 9780128168592
Page Count: 726
Illustrations : 450 illustrations (50 in full color)
Retail Price : £123.00

9780123979490; 9780128037775; 9780750678520

Pipeline engineers; pipeline designers; mechanical engineers; graduate-level petroleum engineers; graduate-level mechanical engineers; practicing engineers in pipeline maintenance and inspection