The Physical Oceanography of the Arctic Mediterranean Sea,
Edition 1 Explorations, Observations, Interpretations
By Bert Rudels

Publication Date: 22 Sep 2021
The Physical Oceanography of the Arctic Mediterranean Sea describes the circulation and the processes in the Arctic Mediterranean, how our present knowledge has developed, and presents recent changes caused by a gradually warmer global climate.

The Arctic Mediterranean Sea has been intensively studied in recent years, especially during the fourth International Polar Year, 2007–09, and we have become increasingly aware of the changes presently taking place. This book collects and presents newly acquired knowledge and sets it in perspective to previous studies. Authored by a world-renowned leader in the field, this book explores the role of this small but important sea in the global oceanic circulation and climate—a must-read for researchers and students in the fields of oceanography and climate science.

Key Features

  • Relates observed features to active processes and provides sufficient background information to understand the theoretical explanations
  • Presents the Arctic Mediterranean Sea in the context of global ocean circulation and climate
  • Presents a modern, comprehensive, and coherent treatment of Arctic (and subarctic) physical oceanography
About the author
By Bert Rudels, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland
Table of Contents
1. From Nifelheim to Fram2. The Arctic environment3. Observing the Arctic Mediterranean Sea4. External forcing and local response5. The circulation and transformations of Atlantic water in the Arctic Mediterranean Sea6. The presence and importance of internal mixing processes in the Arctic Ocean7. Observed, computed, and deduced transports through the main gateways8. Theoretical descriptions and modeling of the Arctic Mediterranean Sea9. Variability and change10. The meridional overturning circulation and the impact of the Arctic Mediterranean on the world ocean
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