The Refinery of the Future,
Edition 2
By James G. Speight

Publication Date: 27 Jul 2020

The Refinery of the Future, Second Edition, delivers useful knowledge that will help the engineer understand the processes involved, feedstocks, composition and future technologies. Covering the basic chemistry, commercial processes already in use and future innovation, this reference gives engineers and managers the tools needed to understand refining products, feedstocks, and the processes critical to convert feedstocks to desired outcomes. New information concerning tight shale formations and heavy oil process options is included for today’s operations. Rounding out with future uses in shale, bioliquids and refinery configurations, this book gives engineers and refinery managers the knowledge to update and upgrade their refinery assets.

Key Features

  • Links basic petrochemical and refinery knowledge into application for today’s oil and gas refining industry
  • Gives insights into the development and applications of refining process technology, along with the types of feedstock and their properties
  • Updated with a focus on crude oils recovered from tight shale and sandstone formations, along with increased emphasis on heavy oil and tar sand bitumen
About the author
By James G. Speight, CD and W Incorporated, Laramie, United States
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ISBN: 9780128169940
Page Count: 656
Retail Price : £141.00

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Petroleum engineers; process engineers; petrochemical engineers; refinery managers; technicians