Solid State Physics,
Edition 1 An Introduction to Theory
By Joginder Singh Galsin

Publication Date: 01 Mar 2019

Solid State Physics: An Introduction to Theory presents an intermediate quantum approach to the properties of solids. Through this lens, the text explores different properties, such as lattice, electronic, elastic, thermal, dielectric, magnetic, semiconducting, superconducting and optical and transport properties, along with the structure of crystalline solids. The work presents the general theory for most of the properties of crystalline solids, along with the results for one-, two- and three-dimensional solids in particular cases. It also includes a brief description of emerging topics, such as the quantum hall effect and high superconductivity.

Building from fundamental principles and requiring only a minimal mathematical background, the book includes illustrative images and solved problems in all chapters to support student understanding.

Key Features

  • Provides an introduction to recent topics, such as the quantum hall effect, high-superconductivity and nanomaterials
  • Utilizes the Dirac' notation to highlight the physics contained in the mathematics in an appropriate and succinct manner
  • Includes many figures and solved problems throughout all chapters to provide a deeper understanding for students
  • Offers topics of particular interest to engineering students, such as elasticity in solids, dislocations, polymers, point defects and nanomaterials
About the author
By Joginder Singh Galsin, Director, Gulzar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Khanna and Professor of Electronics, Ludhiana Institute of Engineering and Technology, Katani Kalan, Ludhian, India
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ISBN: 9780128171035
Page Count: 656
Retail Price : £78.99
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