Functional Analysis,
Edition 1 A Practitioner's Guide to Implementation and Training
By James T. Chok, Jill M. Harper, Mary Jane Weiss, Frank L. Bird and James K. Luiselli

Publication Date: 19 Sep 2019

Functional Analysis: A Practitioner’s Guide to Implementation and Training provides practitioners with the most updated information about applying the wide span of current functional analysis (FA) methodologies geared specifically to applied service settings. The book serves as a self-instructional implementation to a broad-base of trainees and care-providers within schools, clinics, centers and human services organizations.

Adopting a Behavioral Skills Training and competency-based training outcomes approach, the learning materials and activities featured in the book include suggested slideshow presentations, role-play exercises, pre- and post-training quizzes, natural setting evaluation methods, data recording forms, instructional scripts and reproducible handouts.

Key Features

  • Covers an historical overview and the ethical considerations of functional analysis
  • Examines FA methodology, measurement methods and experimental designs
  • Teaches how to independently design, conduct and interpret FAs
  • Explains how to formulate FA-informed intervention plans
  • Presents an agile curriculum that can be customized for different providers
About the author
By James T. Chok, Behavioral Neuropsychologist and Senior Clinician, Residential Treatment Facility, Melmark New England ; Jill M. Harper, Instructor, College of Advancing and Professional Studies, and Center for Social Development and Education, University of Massachusetts Boston Director of Professional Development, Training, and Research, Melmark New England ; Mary Jane Weiss, Director, Graduate Program in Autism/ABA Studies, Endicott College, Senior Director of Research, Melmark New England, USA ; Frank L. Bird, Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Melmark, New England, Pennsylvania, USA and James K. Luiselli, Director of Clinical Development and Research, Melmark, New England, Pennsylvania, USA
Book details
ISBN: 9780128172124
Page Count: 158
Retail Price : £62.99
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Instructor Resources

Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), entry-level paraprofessionals who work directly with children with ASD. Centers for autism will be interested in purchasing multiple copies of this manual for those they are training