Dynamics of Materials,
Edition 1 Experiments, Models and Applications
By Lili Wang, Liming Yang, Xinlong Dong and Xiquan Jiang

Publication Date: 26 Jul 2019

Dynamics of Materials: Experiments, Models and Applications addresses the basic laws of high velocity flow/deformation and dynamic failure of materials under dynamic loading. The book comprehensively covers different perspectives on volumetric law, including its macro-thermodynamic basis, solid physics basis, related dynamic experimental study, distortional law, including the rate-dependent macro-distortional law reflecting strain-rate effect, its micro-mechanism based on dislocation dynamics, and dynamic experimental research based on the stress wave theory. The final section covers dynamic failure in relation to dynamic damage evolution, including the unloading failure of a crack-free body, dynamics of cracks under high strain-rate, and more.

Key Features

  • Covers models for applications, along with the fundamentals of the mechanisms behind the models
  • Tackles the difficult interdisciplinary nature of the subject, combining macroscopic continuum mechanics with thermodynamics and macro-mechanics expression with micro-physical mechanisms
  • Provides a review of the latest experimental methods for the equation of state for solids under high pressure and the distortional law under high strain-rates of materials
About the author
By Lili Wang, Key Laboratory of Impact and Safety Engineering, Ningbo University, Zhejiang, China; Liming Yang, Professor, Key Laboratory of Impact and Safety Engineering, Ningbo University, Zhejiang, China; Xinlong Dong, Professor, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, Ningbo University, Ningbo, China and Xiquan Jiang, General Manager and Professor at Hefei Jiangshui Dynamic Mechanics Experimental Technology Co., Ltd. China
Table of Contents
1. Introduction2. State Equation for Solid under High Pressure and Its Thermodynamic Basis3. Solid Physics Basis of State Equation for Solid under High Pressure4. Dynamic Experimental Study of State Equation for Solid under High Pressure5. Distortional Law of Materials-Macroscopic Characterization6. Distortional Law of Materials-Micro mechanism Based on Dislocation Dynamics7. Experimental study of Distortional Law of Materials8. Spalling and Unloading Failure9. Crack Dynamics and Dynamic Fragmentation10. Adiabatic Shearing and Dynamic Evolution of Meso-Damage
Book details
ISBN: 9780128173213
Page Count: 610
Retail Price : £157.00
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  • Ravi-Chandar, Dynamic Fracture, 9780080443522, 2004, 264pp, $205.00
  • Dodd, Adiabatic Shear Localization: Frontiers and Advances, 9780080977812, 2012, 468pp, $150.00

Researchers and postgraduate students with engineering and materials science backgrounds. Will appeal to R&D in industries including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, oil, materials processing, transportation, ships, bridges, aviation, aerospace, mining, earthquake and defence