Space Science and Public Engagement,
Edition 1 21st Century Perspectives and Opportunities
Edited by Amy Paige Kaminski

Publication Date: 09 Jun 2021

Space Science and Public Engagement: 21st Century Perspectives and Opportunities critically examines the many dimensions of public engagement with space science by exploring case studies that show a spectrum of public engagement formats, ranging from the space science community's efforts to communicate developments to the public, to citizenry attempting to engage with space science issues. It addresses why public engagement is important to space science experts, what approaches they take, how public engagement varies locally, nationally and internationally, and what roles "non-experts" have played in shaping space science.

Space scientists, outreach specialists in various scientific disciplines, policymakers and citizens interested in space science will find great insights in this book that will help inform their future engagement strategies.

Key Features

  • Critically examines how expert organizations and the space science community have sought to bring space science to the public
  • Examines how the public has responded, and in some cases self-organized, to opportunities to contribute to space science
  • Outlines future engagement interests and possibilities
About the author
Edited by Amy Paige Kaminski, N/A
Table of Contents

1. A Space to Explore: Mars Public Engagement Strategies for a Spacefaring Society
2. Science Centers and Planetariums: Bringing the Universe within Public Reach
3. Engaging the Public with the Great American Eclipse of 2017
4. The Power of Hubble Space Telescope Imagery
5. Enabling Learning and Empowering Workforce Preparation Using Space-based Authentic Experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
6. The Symbiosis of Popular Culture and the Space Sciences
7. Public Engagement with Planetary Science: Experiences with Astrobiology and Planetary Defense
8. Amateur Astronomy
9. The Engagement Activities of ESTCube-1: How Estonia Built and Fell in Love with a Tiny Satellite
10. From Green Peas to STEVE: Citizen Science Engagement in Space Science
11. From Management to Engagement: How South Africa's Square Kilometer Array Project Transformed its Interactions with Stakeholder Groups
12. Crowdfunding for Space Science and Public Engagement: The Planetary Society Shares Lessons Learned

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ISBN: 9780128173909
Page Count: 298
Retail Price : £53.95

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Students and professors in space and planetary science; policymakers and those working in public outreach in other scientific disciplines