Edition 1 Cell Signaling to Cell Response
By Paul A. Sundaram

Publication Date: 23 Nov 2020

Mechanotransduction: Cell Signaling to Cell Response covers the cell machinery responsible for the process of mechanotransduction and the manner in which cells respond to an external mechanical stimulus. The effect of mechanical stimulus on individual cells and entire tissues is discussed, with an emphasis on the practical results of this physiological process. Mechanotransduction of stem cells and cancerous cells are also covered, along with future directions in this yet nascent field.  This book gives insights on basic processes that occur (or may occur) in the human body as a result of the application of mechanical stimulus.

It is ideal for both biomedical engineers and biologists, and is an ideal resource for teaching. It provides a current state of conceptual and practical aspects of the field and will enable students and professionals to venture further into this incipient area which is of fundamental importance to biomedical engineering and biology fields.

Key Features

  • Covers fundamental concepts of signaling in cells as a result of mechanical stimulus
  • Includes the physiological results of mechanical stimulus on the human body
  • Explores the advantages of mechanical loads on the human body
About the author
By Paul A. Sundaram, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Puerto Rico
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ISBN: 9780128178829
Page Count: 158
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Advanced undergraduate and graduate students in the biomedical engineering and biology fields; professionals in biomedical engineering and medical fields who carry out research in the area of mechanical stimulus on cells and tissues