Optics of the Moon,
Edition 1
By Yuriy Shkuratov, Gorden Videen and Vadym Kaydash

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2024
Awaiting publication
Optics of the Moon presents methods for interpreting optics of surfaces on the Moon with complicated structures. For example, the book illustrates how phase-ratio techniques can lead to the detection of surface structure anomalies, describes polarimetric studies of the lunar surface and their use, and addresses many other questions relating to the regolith-like surfaces of the Moon, such as why the Moon looks like a ball at a large phase angle and like a disk in full moon, why the lunar surface has slight color variations, and why at large phase angles its polarization degree closely correlates with albedo.

Key Features

  • Includes case studies, maps and color figures to illustrate concepts with specific application to the moon
  • Presents theories alongside experimental and observational data to support and describe modern techniques
  • Communicates new approaches and methods related to the optics of surfaces on the Moon with complicated structures
About the author
By Yuriy Shkuratov, Professor and Department Head for the Astronomy Department, Kharkov National University, Ukraine; Gorden Videen, Physicist, Army Research Laboratory, USA and Vadym Kaydash, Senior Research Scientist and the Director of the Astronomical Institute of V.N. Karazin Kharkov National University, Ukraine
Table of Contents
1. Historical Outline
2. Definitions
3. Photometry
4. Modeling Light Scatter from Lunar-Like Surfaces
5. Polarimetry
6. Conclusion
7. Appendix 1: Gourmet Photometric Function
8. Appendix 2: Shadow Effect on Random Surfaces
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ISBN: 9780128179727
Page Count: 400
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