Geological Structures and Maps,
Edition 4 A Practical Guide
By Richard J. Lisle

Publication Date: 27 Nov 2020
Geological Structures and Maps: A Practical Guide, Fourth Edition is a highly illustrated guide that introduces the skills of interpreting a geological map and relating it to the morphology of the most important types of geological structures. Photographs of structures are set alongside their representations on maps. The maps used in exercises have been chosen to provide all of the realism of a survey map without the huge amount of data present so that readers can develop skills without becoming overwhelmed or confused. In particular, emphasis is placed throughout on developing the skill of three-dimensional visualization that is important to the geologist. Thoroughly revised, and with more international examples, it is ideal for use by students and practicing geologists.

Key Features

  • Includes rich illustrations of geological structures and integrates them using patterns on geological maps
  • Offers step-by-step methods for constructing geological cross sections
  • Trains students on the skills essential for the successful interpretation of patterns and relationships depicted on geological maps
About the author
By Richard J. Lisle, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Wales, Cardiff, UK
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ISBN: 9780128180259
Page Count: 130
Retail Price : £76.95

9780521367059; 9780471976967; 9781444112122

Geologists, geophysicists, exploration geologists; and students in mapping and engineering geology courses